antitrust MLB ticket pricing

MLB Postseason Ticket Pricing

I am spending the weekend in the NYC area, so the New York Times is my local paper for the

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marginal revenue product MLB

Bonus-Skimming in MLB

Don Coffin sends along two Chicago Trib links on the recent bonus-skimming scandal in MLB. Here’s one that describes some

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manager efficiency MLB

Pitch Til You Lose

Game 1 of the ALCS between the Tigers and Yankees  once again spotlighted the flaws in the use of MLB

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labor markets MLB NASCAR NBA

Sports Econ Musings

A Real-Time Economic Indicator from Sports World: One of my colleagues returned from Talladega, reporting that crowds for the Sprint

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Major League Baseball MLB

Playoff Roulette

Jeffrey Beckmann at BleacherReport presents a slideshow of the “50 Best Teams” not to win a World Series.  Of the

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MLB steroids

Steroid Publicity & Hall Voting

Whatever readers and contributors to TSE think about publicity given to MLB steroid use, it continues to hammer the chances

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MLB New Yankee Stadium

The Short Porch has Gotten Shorter in the Bronx

What has caused the home run derby at the new Yankee Stadium? Is it the new ballpark? Is it changes

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MLB steroids

Why MLBPA Slow to Protect Non-Users?

Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun surpised the baseball world this week by admitting his use of steroids and accepting a suspension. 

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Baseball MLB NFL

Baseball Beaning & Brawls

John Kruk and Eric Young provide a humorous analysis of the “right way to fight in baseball” following the Red

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cycling MLB Performance Enhancement steroids

Fans Care about PED Use — Sometimes

What spurred the public’s negative view of the use of PEDs?  Why have MLB and pro cycling received much more

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MLB ticket demand ticket prices

Yanks Slash Ticket Prices The New York Yankees slashed prices on more than 40 percent of their front-row seats by up to 50

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MLB recession ticket pricing

Tracking Changes in MLB Baseball Attendance has a handy page (HT to JC Bradbury) where they are tracking changes in MLB team attendance. It calculates

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