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“Yankee Premium” Updates

In 2005 I explored the “Yankee Premium, how much of the Yankee payroll reflected a revenue advantage relative to the

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Anthony Rizzo’s Call Up: Was the Timing a Good Signal for Cubs Fans?

The man that many consider the Cubs top prospect, slugging first baseman Anthony Rizzo, made his Cubs debut Tuesday against

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Franchise tag economics

The NFL is approaching the deadline after which players become free agents, and are able to negotiate with other teams.

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Indian Premier League Spend/thrift

The 2011 Indian Premier League cricketer auction took place on the weekend. This event is a fascinating economic exercise on so

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An Economist’s Quick Thoughts on the LeBron James Decision

LeBron James is catching a torrent of criticism over his decision to leave his “hometown team”, the Cleveland Cavaliers, for

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An Application of the Backwards Bending Supply Curve

The law of supply says that when the price of a good rises, all else equal, the quantity supplied of

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NFL Uncapped Year

The NFLPA and the NFL are negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. As you may know, the NFL decided that

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AFL-AFLPA CBA negotiations drag on as Grand Final approaches

As key trigger dates for unilateral termination approach, the most recent round of offers in the collective bargaining negotiations between

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Melbourne Storm Stripped of Two Premierships, Fined $1.6m for Cheating National Rugby League Salary Cap

Integrity. Sport is based upon the principle of a fair contest. A fair contest requires two players or teams to

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