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Minimum Age for the NBA Players

Former player and current TV analyst Steve Kerr propose raising the NBA minimum age from 19 to 20 in a

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The Value of Recruiting

Echoing Skip’s post below, I link to this article about Kansas State assistant basketball coach Dalonte Hill, about whose salary

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arbitration labor markets Major League Baseball

Does Baseball’s Salary Arbitration Process Reduce Player Performance and Weaken Player-Club Relationships?

Guest Post by John Budd Previous research on Major League Baseball’s final-offer salary arbitration process has found that players who

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bowden College Football labor markets

No Country for Old Men: The Bowden Saga

Due to travels, I missed writing about the Bobby Bowden affair during the height of the storm. The dismay among

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labor markets NFL; salaries salaries salary cap

Franchise tag economics

The NFL is approaching the deadline after which players become free agents, and are able to negotiate with other teams.

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Sports Econ Musings

A Real-Time Economic Indicator from Sports World: One of my colleagues returned from Talladega, reporting that crowds for the Sprint

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Baseball economics labor labor markets salaries Sports Economics

An Application of the Backwards Bending Supply Curve

The law of supply says that when the price of a good rises, all else equal, the quantity supplied of

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arbitration Baseball labor markets monopsony

Arduous Arbitration

It’s getting to be arbitration time in baseball. Each year a set of players and teams negotiate under the threat

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Baseball cartels collusion international trade labor markets

Amateur Baseball Players and International "Trade"

The Japanese called it a gentlemen’s agreement. It looks more like collusion to me, and it’s good to see the

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