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The Value of Recruiting

Echoing Skip’s post below, I link to this article about Kansas State assistant basketball coach Dalonte Hill, about whose salary

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marginal revenue product MLB

Bonus-Skimming in MLB

Don Coffin sends along two Chicago Trib links on the recent bonus-skimming scandal in MLB. Here’s one that describes some

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What Makes a College Coach Overpaid?

From the Bleacher Report, we have a list of 20 coaches who are supposedly being paid too much. College football coaches

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Brett Favre marginal revenue product NFL

Is Brett Favre Worth $25 million over 2 Years?

If you live in a hole or do not follow American sports whatsoever, then you may have missed the big

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Are Stadiums and Players Complements in Production?

Teams seeking public subsidies commonly claim that building a new stadium will improve the team’s revenue flow, allowing it to

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