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Cowboys Stadium Financing

This story from the Dallas Morning News has some good details on the public/private contributions to paying off the bonds

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Accessible Premier League Stadiums

Just like every other spectator of the league. Premier League stadiums come in all shapes and sizes. In recent years,

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Muni Bond Watch Turns to Sports Facilities

In recent years a handful of top-level teams have gone through or flirted with bankruptcy.  This is a global phenomenon,

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MLB Stadiums

Take Me Out to the (Newer) Ballpark

My wife and I recently visited the West Coast, affording me my first game at Dodger Stadium in 45 years. 

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Stadium Naming Fun

Lackawanna County stadium naming contract must be made public, state says What a great headline! Here is how the story

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Stadium Subsidies Stadiums

“As Stadiums Vanish, Their Debt Lives On”

Ken Belson digs into the financial legacy of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in today’s New York Times.  In short, it’s

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The NFL to Member Teams: All Your Los Angeleses are Belong to Us

When the most recent print version of the Sports Business Journal arrived at Chez Miller, an above the fold headline

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public funding Stadium Subsidies Stadiums The Stadium Game

Teams Leave Before the Debt Does

The Red Sox want spiffier spring training digs in Fort Myers, Florida, and the locals of Lee County will oblige. 

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Baseball Stadium Quirks

From Frank Deford at Sports Illustrated: Myself, speaking for students of baseball, I’m sorry, but in constructing some things, the

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Quick Notes & Links

The NHL is thumping its chest over an excellent season for business.  Says Commissioner Gary Bettman, “”By whatever method of

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Problems in St. Louis’ Downtown Revitalization.

A couple of weeks ago, Skip had a post on the lack of development beyond the left-field wall at St.

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Reinvesting Revenues From a New Stadium?

This is a common claim made by teams, but I’m skeptical. According to economic theory, the value of any given

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