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The Continuing Stadium Mess: More Effects of Using Other People's Money

I'm shocked, shocked I say that this would happen in a case with a publicly-subsidized sports stadium. Eight years ago,

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Is Reliant Stadium Debt Really Junk?

The Houston Chronicle reports: The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority is short $5 million on a debt service payment for Reliant

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Trouble in Dallas?

No, this post is not about PacMan. Looks like the credit market problems are starting to affect stadium construction projects.

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NBA Stadium Subsidies Stadiums

19 Years Old, 100% Publicly Financed and Owned, and a Pile of Rubble

The Charlotte Coliseum, the site of 19 years of sporting excellence, has been imploded. This arena was opened in 1988

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Mega Event Update: Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium

Stop me if you have heard this one before... Remember all those claims about the continuing benefits that flow from

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Are Stadiums and Players Complements in Production?

Teams seeking public subsidies commonly claim that building a new stadium will improve the team's revenue flow, allowing it to

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