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Cowboys Stadium Financing

This story from the Dallas Morning News has some good details on the public/private contributions to paying off the bonds

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Glendale Bailing Out the Coyotes

How can I get in on this action? The city of Glendale has been quietly bailing out the money-losing Phoenix

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The Economy and the Olympics

There’s an article on the front page of today’s Denver Post about the effect of the stumbling economy on the

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Government Complaint Against Rod Blagojevich Regarding Public Funding for the Cubs

Rarely do we see the behind-the-scenes maneuvers when it comes to government and the sports business, but this arrest of

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Phoenix Coyotes Declare Bankruptcy

The Phoenix Coyotes (the old Winnipeg Jets) have declared bankruptcy. From the Arizona Republic (HT Warren Meyer): Less than an

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Teams Leave Before the Debt Does

The Red Sox want spiffier spring training digs in Fort Myers, Florida, and the locals of Lee County will oblige. 

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“Carnival-like monstrosity”

The Marlins beat the Cubs 5-2 last night, spoiling another good effort by Ryan Dempster.  Dempster, who hurt himself with

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Tax Exemptions and Subsidies for Athletic Facilities Face Opposition in Minnesota

From my local paper (The Mankato Free Press): In a setback for Mankato and North Mankato’s effort to extend their

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Ice Hockey Success in the Sun Belt

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by John Miller about a story he was writing on the Phoenix

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Announcing the New Quebec City Arena…

Big news out of Quebec today.  The Province of Quebec and the Quebec City government announced formal plans to build

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Is Reliant Stadium Debt Really Junk?

The Houston Chronicle reports: The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority is short $5 million on a debt service payment for Reliant

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