Canada College Football doping

College Football Doping Scandal

College football is a big business these days.  Teams generate tens of millions of dollars of revenue every season, and

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Canada expansion foolishness hockey public funding

Announcing the New Quebec City Arena…

Big news out of Quebec today.  The Province of Quebec and the Quebec City government announced formal plans to build

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Canada finance hockey

Edmonton Arena Deal Finalized

The Edmonton City Council passed a bill yesterday authorizing a package amounting to $480 million in funding for construction of

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Canada Stadium Subsidies

Canadian Style Stadium Financing

Phil Miller mentioned in passing the new $400 million arena proposal floating around Quebec City these days.  Never mind that

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2010 Winter Olympics Canada hockey

Canadian Hockey, Sex, and My Golf Game

Related to Skip’s post, how much happiness was generated in Canada by Sunday’s hockey victory? “Thousands on street” in Vancouver

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Canada General hockey media nhl television

NHL TV deal is Canadian business story of the year

The Canadian Press has chosen the new television deal between Rogers Communications and the National Hockey League (NHL) as the

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