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Gold Medals, Red Ink: NBC to Lose $200 Million on Games

A number of media outlets are reporting that NBC will lose about $200 million dollars on the 2010 Vancouver Olympic

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The Media and Sports Royalty

The web buzzed this morning over John Calipari’s remarks concerning Duke’s flopping, USA Today, Huffington, … Coach K’s responded, but

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capital labor media

Capital-Labor Substitution in Production: Sports Writing Edition

Newspapers are in deep trouble. That has been clear for some time. It looks like things just got worse for

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Australian Football League General legal media

Copyright decision threatens value of Australian internet media rights

Yesterday (1 Feb 2012), Federal Court of Australia Justice Rares ruled in favour of Optus (SingTel), Australia’s second-largest telecommunications company,

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Economic Impact media

Taking It On the Chin Again

Longtime readers of the Sports Economist may recall that I have taken my fair share of abuse from the print

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media nhl

As the Vertically Integrated World Turns Part II: Versus Network

Two years ago, I posted on the ongoing battle between “Big Cable” and the NFL Network (NFL’s Game of Chicken).

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The Sports Economist: Saving or Destroying Civilization?

In a recent ESPN The Magazine article, Bill Simmons laments the loss of reporters as middlemen between players and the

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incetives media

The “Right to Know” and Contributing to Bad Behavior

Disclaimer: The shooting of schoolchildren is a serious and disturbing event, creating strong emotional response.  The connections to media coverage

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media PGA; golf USGA

Bethpage, The Rest of the Story

The mainstream media, much of it east-coast centered such as Connecticut-based ESPN, droned on and on about how great venue

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Baseball media MLB television

From Craig Calcaterra at NBC Sports: The Dodgers first NLDS game was not a sellout. It was reported as 53,901

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Canada General hockey media nhl television

NHL TV deal is Canadian business story of the year

The Canadian Press has chosen the new television deal between Rogers Communications and the National Hockey League (NHL) as the

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