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Singletary v. Madden on Management

The San Francisco 49ers won their first game yesterday, beating their even more hapless cross-Bay rivals, the Oakland Raiders.   The

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capital labor media

Capital-Labor Substitution in Production: Sports Writing Edition

Newspapers are in deep trouble. That has been clear for some time. It looks like things just got worse for

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draft labor legal

NFL Draft Trifecta

If Phil Miller’s Saturday post on the NFL draft is Day 1, and Brian Goff’s Monday post on the NFL

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Baseball economics labor labor markets salaries Sports Economics

An Application of the Backwards Bending Supply Curve

The law of supply says that when the price of a good rises, all else equal, the quantity supplied of

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General labor NFL substitute goods

The economic wisdom of Ray Lewis (updated)

No, the title is not a typo. In this interview for ESPN, Lewis claims that, “one of the consequences of

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labor NBA referees

NBA Locks Out Referees

Labor relations in professional sports are notoriously contentious. Nobody gets along. Players strike, owners lock out players, referees strike, owners

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Australian Football League free agency labor

Free Agency Coming to the Australian Football League in 2012

The Australian Football League (AFL) and the Australian Football League Players’ Association (AFLPA) today announced agreement on the introduction of

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labor NFL

NFL Work Rules

The Baltimore Ravens work their players too hard according to the NFL Players’ Association. The Baltimore Sun reports today that

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capital labor marginal revenue product Stadiums

Are Stadiums and Players Complements in Production?

Teams seeking public subsidies commonly claim that building a new stadium will improve the team’s revenue flow, allowing it to

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