Accessible Premier League Stadiums

Just like every other spectator of the league. Premier League stadiums come in all shapes and sizes. In recent years, the primary focus that makes a premier league stadium stand out is how much handicap-accessible seating it has.

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic has subsided, the stadiums are all set to welcome fans and clubs in full capacity. But what about the disabled supporters? Are stadiums ready to welcome disabled fans? How accessible are the stadiums for individuals who rely on wheelchairs?

It is not a surprise that there is an article about accessible Premier League stadiums.

The article’s list include the best accessible premier league stadiums. So, let us take a look at this concept and why it matters in this present age.

Top Five Accessible Premier League Stadiums

We have to accommodate for safety, accessibility, and more when thinking about fans and athletes.

Here are a few of the main accessible Premier League stadiums in the United Kingdom.

#1. Brighton & Hove Albion

In collaboration with AssessAble, Brighton and Hove Albion are all set to provide comprehensive accessibility guidelines for the community stadium. With a total stadium capability of 32,000, it has accessible entrances, lifts, toilets, and separate ticket counters. Being on the top of the list, Brighton and Hove Albion have over 220 disabled seats. This is by far the highest wheelchair seat capacity in any stadium.

#2. Southampton

Southampton’s St Mary’s stadium has a capacity of 32,384 and it is accessible to all fans. There are sensory rooms, accessible lifts, accessible tickets and over 190 wheelchair spaces. There are also accessibility stewards in every deck area to ensure the safety of disabled fans who are watching the match in the stands.

#3. Watford

Third in the list is Watford. Their Vicarage Road stadium also has more than 220 wheelchair user spaces and it has a number of accessible parking spaces located outside of the stadium. Assistance dogs are allowed in the stadium and there is a sensory room inside the stadium for visiting fans. With all of these facilities it is hardly any surprise that the stadium is ranked among one of the most accessible stadiums in the Premier League.

#4. Everton

Did you know Goodison Park was actually created as a result of an argument? Yes, that is right! The stadium was built following a fallout with a former chairman and landowner. Being the first-ever soccer-specific stadium in England, it holds a capacity of 39,414. It has accessible entrances, lifts, toilets, and wheelchair-accessible viewing areas.

#5. Manchester City

Manchester is a vibrant and modernized city. Over the years, valuable improvements have occurred in the stadium. In virtue of the Manchester City Disabled Association, the City of Manchester Stadium has the best access facilities and services for disabled supporters. The MDSA allows like-minded fans to enjoy the match together.


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