Do the Panthers Have A Chance to Win?

The Falcons are somewhat of a robust team this year. They started off somewhat weak this year with a poor track record. They barely slipped past the giants and obtained that win. Now, here we are today. The next game is on Sunday, will the Falcons overcome the Panthers? Will the Panthers bounce back and become better?

The Panthers, conversely, started out the year much better. This is a strong team that was able to keep a strong record as they were three and zero. Many people were talking about the value that Sam Darnold was bringing to the table and how this would help the Panthers.

But things are a little different now. It is crazy how fast everything can change, right? Here we are, a month later, and the perception has changed. You must keep up with the latest changes to genuinely understand who has the higher chances of winning this game.

The Falcons are still looking to fortify themselves. They are still trying to build up their defense, still, at the same time, they are looking to increase the quality of their offense. These individuals are bringing up a fantastic offense.

This means that they are at a different level and will be as they continue to improve themselves. But does that mean that they can beat the Panthers?The Panthers have been on a losing streak. That places them with more momentum over the Panthers.

Let’s find out more about these two teams.

Will the Panthers Overcome Their Losing Streak?

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The Panthers did not have a great time with the Giants. They lost quite big. Are they going to be able to destroy the Falcons? Well, the question is, can the Panthers get it together? Will they be able to solve the puzzle? Will they be able to understand why they are losing and get back to winning?

Here is what the Panthers have on their side. The Panthers have a fantastic defense. Indeed, some would argue that the Panthers have a top tier defense. They are quite strong in the NFL. But there is one single issue present here. The defense still has some minor issues. Further, the offense has been able to provide some strong coverage and momentum.

The Panthers have D.J. Moore and people like Tua on their offense. But they do not have much else when it comes to their pass catchers.

Now, let’s look at their tight ends, it is not as impressive.

The problem is that the Panthers do not have a strong quarterback. Of course, we see that the issues are likely to get worse if the current management continues with the same approach. Now, while the Panthers Defense has stayed strong, it is not impenetrable, there are points of weakness in its armor.

Atlanta May Have a Strong Chance to Win

But it is necessary to note that Atlanta has been able to breeze past other strong defenses. It looks like Atlanta is getting its groove back. Atlanta may struggle a bit against the defense but it could learn and get better throughout the game.

Kyle Pitts may be able to maneuver and continue to command victories. The Falcons have the momentum on their side and seem to be making the right moves overall.

We know that Kyle Pitts, Matt Ryan, and others that continue shine on. It looks like fortune favors Atlanta.

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