General Gerald Scully legal monopsony

“Looking at the Monopsony in the Mirror”

  Although still a distant second to monopoly, buyer power and monopsony are hot topics in the antitrust community. Despite

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monopsony NCAA; college sports

Another College Football Player Takes a Stab at the NCAA

Former Arizona State and University of Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller has sued EA Sports and the NCAA for using players’

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arbitration Baseball labor markets monopsony

Arduous Arbitration

It’s getting to be arbitration time in baseball. Each year a set of players and teams negotiate under the threat

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Gambling monopsony point shaving

Paying Them What They Are Worth Improves the Integrity of Games

Stef Szymanski argues below that monopsonistic exploitation via international competition is a primary driving force behind the fixing of international

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monopsony NFL union

A Little Fascinating NFL Draft History

Although it took the Wagner Act to get the ball rolling, American sports unions have thrived for two reasons. First,

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