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Arbitration in Burress’ Future

In a case that somewhat reminded me of the Terrell Owens case in 2005, Plaxico Burress has been suspended by

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Does Baseball’s Salary Arbitration Process Reduce Player Performance and Weaken Player-Club Relationships?

Guest Post by John Budd Previous research on Major League Baseball’s final-offer salary arbitration process has found that players who

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Anthony Rizzo’s Call Up: Was the Timing a Good Signal for Cubs Fans?

The man that many consider the Cubs top prospect, slugging first baseman Anthony Rizzo, made his Cubs debut Tuesday against

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Arduous Arbitration

It’s getting to be arbitration time in baseball. Each year a set of players and teams negotiate under the threat

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RIP Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts, the arbitrator who found MLB teams had colluded in the free agent market in the mid 1980’s (and

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