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Soccer in Seattle

A bit behind on this, but the new MLS team in Seattle (The Sounders) have sold more season tickets (per

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Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball San Diego Padres

Congratulations to the Rockies

While many pundits expound on the Mets’ phenomenal collapse and the Phillies’ race to the top of the NL East,

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arbitration labor markets Major League Baseball

Does Baseball’s Salary Arbitration Process Reduce Player Performance and Weaken Player-Club Relationships?

Guest Post by John Budd Previous research on Major League Baseball’s final-offer salary arbitration process has found that players who

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Major League Baseball

Home Plate Collisions — Baseball or Rugby?

Warning: Readers who think about sports rules and practices solely as “that’s the way it has been so that’s the

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Baseball Major League Baseball ticket demand ticket pricing ticket scalping

Stub Hub and MLB Ticketing

This week’s issue of the Sports Business Journal has an interesting article about ticket sales for MLB and the relationship

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Major League Baseball MLB

Playoff Roulette

Jeffrey Beckmann at BleacherReport presents a slideshow of the “50 Best Teams” not to win a World Series.  Of the

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draft General Major League Baseball

Latin (Baseball) Economics

A TSE reader, Jeff Baird, steered my attention toward an Economist article on Draft Dodgers No More: Can The Dominican

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General Major League Baseball steroids

PEDs and Quality of Competition

In a recent TSE post, Brian writes: The league’s testing procedure (“analytic evidence”) uncovered only 13 users from 2009 to

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Elasticity of demand Major League Baseball ticket prices

Ticket Prices and Team Quality

The Kansas City Royals have raised ticket prices for next season by 15%. This announcement comes on the heels of

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attendance Major League Baseball ticket pricing

A Report From the Cutting Edge

This just in: remember that image of baseball front office types as slow-witted dinosaurs who had to be dragged kicking

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arbitration collusion Major League Baseball

RIP Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts, the arbitrator who found MLB teams had colluded in the free agent market in the mid 1980’s (and

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Major League Baseball manager efficiency MLB

The World is Not Enough

Ryan Jazayerli at Grantland offers a thorough and insightful survey of the demise of the Astros in “Rock Bottom in

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