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Fans as Inputs

After last night’s Twins/Tigers game – helluva game, no? – the announcers for TBS mentioned that the fans played a

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Ticket Scalping in Missouri – Now It’s Legal

In Missouri, ticket scalping at prices above face value is now legal.. And there was some rejoicing (and economic development???).

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The Use of the Two-Part Tariff in College Ticket Pricing

I’ve written before that when you look at how college athletic department officials make business decisions, they act a lot

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Baseball Major League Baseball ticket demand ticket pricing ticket scalping

Stub Hub and MLB Ticketing

This week’s issue of the Sports Business Journal has an interesting article about ticket sales for MLB and the relationship

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Yanks Slash Ticket Prices

WhoDaThunkIt.com? The New York Yankees slashed prices on more than 40 percent of their front-row seats by up to 50

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Report: Lower Ticket Prices for Women’s Basketball is Due to Institutional Sexism

From the Chronicle of Higher Ed.: “Colleges charge a premium for admission to see males play, even when women’s basketball

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Baseball Teams to Use Airline Pricing Model

From Darren Rovell: In 2002, while I was still at ESPN, I was asked to do predictions for the following

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