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The Honeymoon is Already Over in Gwinnett

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. A consultant’s study used by county officials to justify spending $64 million on

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Cardinal Baseball is a Subsitute for Mizzou Football in St. Louis

Mizzou’s game against the Fighting Illini that will be played in St. Louis this year is not the blockbuster ticket

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A Report From the Cutting Edge

This just in: remember that image of baseball front office types as slow-witted dinosaurs who had to be dragged kicking

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Estimates of MLB’s “Stadium Effect”

A quick follow-up to Take Me Out to the (New) Ballpark.  I appreciate the comments and I find the shared

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Schadenfreude in Duoplolistic Pro-Sports Team Cities

While ‘playing around with’ (for want of a better way of putting it) some Australian AFL (Aussie Rules) and NRL (Rugby League) data,

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