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After Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted from industrial hemp, was legalized in the US in 2018, the product has been abuzz ever since. The media is flooded with claims of the benefits of CBD, most of which many users have attesting to. Numerous studies and research projects are ongoing to prove the credibility of these claims further.

CBD can be taken in different forms. Popular methods are oils and tinctures which are taken orally, CBD vape juice that’s inhaled, edibles, lotions and creams that are applied topically and skin patches.

A popular question related to CBD has been whether it’s suitable for athletes. Many of the benefits derived from using the substance are essential to an athlete’s performance, whether an amateur or professional. Given the controversy that surrounded CBD before its legalization, many are still not sure whether it’s legal for professional athletes to use.

To clear the air, the World Anti-Doping Agency did legalize hemp-derived CBD for use. This is because Cannabidiol, from the hemp plant, contains trace amounts of THC. That is the compound which still makes marijuana illegal. Being almost completely THC-free, CBD does not pose a risk during drug tests.

Athletes constantly suffer from pain and injuries as a result of the physical exercises they engage in. This usually happens when one has pushed their body beyond its limit, resulting in physical trauma. There are pain management options which are used for relief and recovery. These include over-the-counter prescriptions and drugs. While these options work, long-term use may lead to health complications, including addiction. Cannabidiol has been found to produce the same results as these medications, but with far less negative effects. That makes it a great alternative for athletes to use. The advantages of using CBD are:

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  • Pain Relief

Many athletes experience pain resulting from inflammation or injuries. This may be from excess work out, or accidents during sports. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD effectively fights inflammatory pain. There have also been significant improvements observed in people with chronic pain who start using CBD products.

  • Improved Sleep Quality

Having trouble sleeping can lead to reduced performance among athletes. That is because the body does not get enough time to heal from the day’s wear and tear. Poor sleep patterns can be caused by physical exhaustion or anxiety. CBD combats both fatigue and improves mood, making it easier to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Better Gut Health

Pain medications that are commonly used by athletes usually interfere with gut health. Side effects include constipation, vomiting, and nausea. However, CBD doesn’t cause gut problems.

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