The Peeps Have Spoke!

Read my lips: No New Taxes*!

Although there’s more momentum than ever at the Capitol to build stadiums for the Twins, Vikings and Gopher football team, none of the proposals has large public support, a new Minnesota Poll has found.

…When asked which team needs a stadium most, the poll found that the Twins had about as much support as the Gophers — 23 percent and 21 percent, respectively. Only 13 percent favored a new stadium most for the Vikings. The largest group, 29 percent of those responding, volunteered that none of the teams need a new stadium.

That’s not surprising at all. The Metrodome is less than 30 years old and properly-constructed stadiums last a long, long time (the average Big 12 football stadium is over 70 years old) and when renovated, give fans a nice place to watch a game. I realize that it’s not how old the stadium is. It’s the cash that fans are willing to spend on its amenities. In any case, it’s no wonder the various supporters of the stadiums don’t want the vote to go to a referendum! It’ll go down faster than a Cubs season.

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*Update: Dennis Coates noted that the original link to the Star Tribune article was dead. I’ve found an updated link to the article and fixed it above. Thanks, Dennis.

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