Congratulations to Skip!

Skip Sauer, our illustrious leader and the founder of, has been elected as president of the North American Association of Sports Economists (NAASE).

NAASE is the the world’s largest association of economists dedicated to the study of sports, and its membership includes all of the bloggers here at thesportseconomist. Among its many activities, NAASE sponsors sessions at academic conferences around the United States and the rest of the world including 17 sessions (comprising 68 papers) at the just completed Western Economic Association meetings in San Diego.

NAASE membership is open to anyone interested in sports economics. Membership is $50/year and includes a subscription to the Journal of Sports Economics, the leading academic journal in the area of sports economics. Details on membership can be found here.

Pardon the blatent advertisement for NAASE, and again congratulations to Skip on a well-deserved honor.

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