Do People Cheat in CSGO?

There is undoubtedly a competitive edge in any multiplayer game including the thrill a minute CSGO. However, the burning desire to be amongst the top rank of players compels some people to act dishonorably and cheat. The scale of the problem is often disputed, but how widespread is cheating in this long-established battle classic?

Why do Players Cheat at CSGO?

It’s claimed that players are sometimes driven to employ underhand tactics due to the difficulty of climbing the CSGO skill levels. Players have to consistently perform at the peak of their powers to make significant progress. By way of excuse, players with a lower aptitude for the game probably experience a sense of frustration over thwarted ambition. An alternative hypothesis is that some defeated players are such poor losers they can’t help but claim their opponents must have cheated. However, players who do cheat endanger the integrity of the game, and the enjoyment of honest players and spectators.

How Effective is the Valve Anti-Cheat System?

Valve, the developers of CSGO, created VAC, an anti-cheat system, in 2002, a decade before the game’s release. VAC identifies hacks and modifications unscrupulous players sometimes utilize to gain a superior edge over their rivals. When VAC finds a cheat, it automatically activates a ban that prevents the player accessing CSGO for an entire lifetime. There is an appeal mechanism and in some instances, cheats may receive an alternative Overwatch punishment. This usually lasts for a few games before being lifted.

CSGO Cheating Statistics

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In spite of such severe punishments, an estimated 6% of players regularly succumb to the temptation of cheating. According to Statista, one million players have accounts for CSGO. It means that around 60,000 account holders might be cheating at any time. According to the latest data, 1,018,049 VAC bans were enforced during 2021. In effect, it’s almost 3,000 VAC bans put in place each day.

How do Players Cheat?

A popular trick is hacking into obstructions to provide a superior field of vision. Being able to “see” through walls and vehicles allows the cheat to track a rival’s movements that would otherwise remain concealed. It’s a cheat that can easily demolish a well-planned ambush, while easily trapping opponents. Another regular cheat is hijacking the aimbot. This apparently simple hack improves a player’s ability to aim. It’s highly effective when carrying out a sniper’s role. It can turn a poor shot into deadly firepower when using any of the 30 best CSGO weapon skins here and now.


There can be little satisfaction for CSGO cheats. Although they may achieve significant advantages to win a game, anyone who likes cheating is only deluding themselves over their skills. Valve’s VAC system helps prevent cheating on a wide scale, but critics claim it’s not effective enough. Playing at full strength is the best strategy when faced with players who cheat.

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