Is Bowling A Sport Or A Game?

Despite bowling’s unprecedented popularity, knowledge surrounding it seems to be somewhat limited. In fact, even some bowling fanatics are not too sure whether or not their favourite hobby is a sport or game, and it seems as though the world is not too decisive when it comes to this topic too.

In this article, we will be taking a look at whether bowling is indeed a sport or a game, as well as talking about a few of the reasons why it could even be considered a little bit of both. Let’s get straight into it.

Bowling Struggles To Find Its Footing

For one reason or another, the overwhelming majority of the public has always been a little hesitant to call bowling a sport. The most probable cause of this phenomenon is due to people equating their experiences with bowling as being the end all be all, and as you would expect, this doesn’t lend itself all too well when trying to decipher whether or not bowling is a sport.

I mean, just imagine if you based your opinion of football on the time you and your family had a small kick-about in the garden. If this was your only experience with football, it is not very likely that you would consider it to be a competitive sport.

Bowling doesnt have all too good of a reputation as a sport by the general public, and if you are looking to see what the majority of people go off, then in this sense, bowling is not commonly seen as a sport.

It Can Be Both

Bowling is quite unique when it comes to its categorisation. At a casual level, bowling is just a fun activity to play with friends, and most people would argue that it is undoubtedly just a game when observed under this scope.

However, when you start to take a look at the more professional side of things, this is where things begin to get a little more complicated. High-level bowlers take this so-called “casual game” incredibly seriously, and many dedicate their entire lives to improving their skill.

From choosing the best bowling balls to getting expensive shoes that give them a meagre one-percent advantage, professional bowlers put in as much work as any other high-level athletes, and these people are not going to think all too highly of you if you decide that you think their careers are void.

This means that bowling can be considered a little bit of both. At the casual level, it’s a fun game to play with family and friends, but on the professional side, it is undoubtedly a sport that should be treated with all due respect.

Where Do You Stand?

Which side do you find yourself on? Do you believe it is preposterous to even imagine bowling standing side-by-side with sports like football or basketball, or do you think that it should finally get recognised as a full-blown sport? Whatever your opinion may be; you are half right.

Categorising bowling truly can be somewhat of a tricky subject, and it is likely going to be a cause of controversy for a long time. Only time will tell. Catch you in the next one.


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