The Cities Behind the Biggest Sporting Events in the US

Sporting events are one of the fastest ways to make a community gather in one place as one unit.  Although not every sporting event is held in the same location every year, the city that hosts them is as important as the game itself.

Every city brings a different thing to the table, and each of these offers something you’d want to find wherever you move.

The US Golf Open

Most recent city: Torrey Pines Course, San Diego, California (2021).

This year’s US Open was held in San Diego, California!  The incredible power that this city brings to the US Open is that it offers wonderful weather for the whole weekend and a large audience to urge on the players silently.  This US Open went incredibly well, drawing in 8.9 million viewers, the most since 2010.

The Indy 500

Always hosted in: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Thanks to Carl Fisher’s vision in 1909, the Indianapolis racing tracks have hosted the most famous motorsports race globally for over a hundred years.  This racetrack is perfectly built to ensure that the drivers are exciting, fast, and safe.  Indianapolis comes to life for every race, and you can hear the sound of the cars roaring through the entire city.  If you’re a big enough fan of racing, it might be a good idea to look into houses for rent in Indianapolis!

The Super Bowl

Most recent city: Tampa, Florida (2021).

On February 7th in 2021, the most recent Super Bowl lit up the city of Tampa.   This was an awesome game, with a lot of energy and many people excited to gather and take part in watching the game.  Tampa was the perfect location for the game because of the warmer weather despite how early in the year it was, and they put on a lot of fanfare to ensure that Tampa was cheered on enough to win.  Thankfully that seemed to be enough since Tampa won!  

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Daytona 500

Always hosted in: Daytona Beach, Florida.

This classic race is one of the most well-known internationally.  Although it’s not quite as popular as the Indy 500, it still has a place in the hearts of fans all over the world.  At home in Daytona Beach, these races get the luck of the warmer weather Florida offers this time of year, ensuring the roads are safe, dry, and warm enough to stop ice from forming. As a result, the crowds gather every year and are quick to cheer on the drivers and excited to feel the roar of the vehicles in the air.

NBA All-Star Game

Most recent city: Atlanta, Georgia (2021).

Atlanta is a city known for partying and celebrating, so when the city hosted the NBA All-Star Game, the entire area lit up with excitement.  At home, where the Atlanta Hawks usually play, the teams were greeted with a massive turnout of people, and the entire city was quick to welcome and congratulate the athletes as they arrived.

Sports are one of the best ways to create a community!  Nowhere is that more clear than in the USA, so if you want to catch some of that energy, consider traveling to one of these cities!

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