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The “Great Reorganization” Begins

Attention college sports fans: the first domino has fallen.  The Chicago Tribune reports that Nebraska will be formally invited to join the Big 10.  RIP Big 12.  The article also says that Notre Dame has “moved on” and will not join the Big 10.  That doesn’t matter now, the Texas contingent in the former Big 12 will go somewhere else no matter what Notre Dame does.  Stay tuned.

Update: At Noon Eastern, Fox Sports reported Colorado will confirm their move to the PAC-10 in Friday.  There is no way the PC-10 expansion stops at one school.  The next big questions: (1) how many more former Big 12 teams move to the PAC-10?  What happens to Missouri and Kansas, who appear to be odd men out right now.

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      Dan June 10, 2010

      Why is there no love for KU’s basketball program?

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