The Rugby and the COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed the entire gaming world, and players will have to wait for the status quo in this new year and decide whether to come forward. For countries like Argentina and South Africa, the different Rugby tournaments have been completely paused, causing unimaginable losses, not only economically but also sportingly.

Rugby is one of the most important competitions played in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina, who are members of SANZAAR. However, Argentina and South Africa are the most affected countries because of coronavirus’s rapid infection. They also had severe consequences in the economic factor that affected the different rugby clubs in both countries. Most of them are close to bankruptcy if no measures are taken to prevent that situation. Although it sounds like a perfect idea to return to the field in 2021 to overcome the sports federation’s millionaire losses, it is not a good idea because we do not know what the consequences will be, mainly due to the new outbreaks of coronavirus.

The new lockdowns and how other essential countries for rugby such as New Zealand and Australia have closed their borders to foreigners make it impossible to recover quickly. It seems that no solution is close so far. New generations might find it difficult to enjoy their favorite sport if the pandemic still endures more. Some critics have claimed that 2021 is a year to fix what the last year left us. However, it seems uncertain if there will be a real change. The World Health Organization has clearly said that the pandemic will extend to this year. It makes us ask, what should governments do? What do we have to do to fix this current situation in Rugby? Nothing has changed. Even among other countries such as the United Kingdom, one can see that we will have to wait another year to enjoy our favorite rugby games.

However, not all countries have implemented new quarantines on a mandatory basis. On the contrary, some countries have opened their borders to attract more tourism, following the health regulations established to prevent further COVID-19 infections. Some of them ask all tourists to submit a health declaration that will probably take a long time to complete. For example, some countries like the Netherlands might ask you to present different documents besides a visa. They also encourage athletes to start playing their games and recover their economy. For that reason, if you want to visit other countries and help them, and you want to avoid tedious paperwork, we suggest you use They are a travel agency that will make your procedures more effortlessly. Many tourists around the world recommend their service. They have the most outstanding team that will make your experience better.

The coronavirus has taught us that we cannot trust ourselves, even when it seems that everything has been fixed. We have to rethink whether we will see a rugby match again, or we will have to wait and see how this pandemic evolves.


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