Boxing Equipment that Boosts Your Performance in the Ring

Boxing is a hardcore, no-nonsense sport. But, it’s also an effective way to work out and stay fit. Plus, it’s a relatively straightforward sport to get into – pick up a pair of gloves, hang a boxing bag, and get going.    

But, while it’s an easy sport to pick up, it’s hard to master. And much of the trick lies in knowing how to train and what gears to use. Working with the right boxing equipment could define your fighting style and influence your performance in the ring. 

Here are some must-have boxing equipment you need if you’re looking to improve your performance.

Boxing Gloves

Easily the most essential equipment for a boxer — boxing gloves are simple yet effective in their design and utility. Their main role is to protect your knuckles and your opponent’s face as well. Investing in good quality boxing gloves offers a great start, but as your training progresses, consider upgrading to more high-impact and durable pair. It can make a big difference to your performance.

Hand Wraps

Given the extra layer of protection they offer to your knuckles, hand wraps are often considered more important than gloves. Using a wrap before wearing your gloves can go a long way in preventing hand injuries such as muscle tears, fractures, and sprains when landing punches. They also help with gripping and ensure that the right set of muscles are used while punching. 

Training Mitts

Training mitts are ideally used with higher-quality boxing gloves. They are lighter and have lesser knuckle padding. Focused training with training mitts helps to improve your punching skills, technique, apply more power while punching while maintaining accuracy and endurance. It also helps to improve on offensive angles and combinations along with defensive skills and blocking. Mitts are handy during light training with a set of pads instead of a punching bag. 

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Pads are used for sparring and partner work. They are used for defensive purposes. They come with a hand-hold inside, and your partner can wear them while fending off or catching your punches. 

Boxing Bags

Boxing bags come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide range of materials. 

The larger heavy-duty bags are ideal for solid kicks and straight punches, while the smaller and lighter bags are for speed punches and uppercuts. These can either be hanging or can stand freely on a base. 

The speed bag is another excellent piece of equipment to keep your blood pumping and perfect your punches.  

There is no wrong or right bag; it’s best to try all of them. Each bag offers a different workout and ways to improve on your technique the more you practice.

Speed Balls

Training with a speed ball can help increase the speed and precision of your punches and dodges. As a fast-moving target, a speed ball forces you to align your focus, coordination, and pace to hit it without breaking the rhythm. 

If you’re looking for the right boxing gear that will enhance your performance, Punch Equipment Australia has an entire range of high-grade boxing equipment you can check out today. 

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