The Top 5 Sporting Events To Bet On

With online betting making such huge strides, placing wagers on sports games and races is thriving now more than ever. Punters are flocking to booking sites to try and beat the odds – with football, horse racing, boxing, tennis, and basketball being the top 5 most popular events to bet on.

Let’s take an in-depth look at why these sporting events are so enticing to punters and casual bettors. 

  1. Football

Football is a business that generates tons of revenue worldwide.  It’s also a popular market for sports betting. Millions upon millions of footie enthusiasts punt for their team/s each season – often with a wager to show just how far their support extends. 

From pre-game chats and predictions to the moment the betting gate opens, football is a sport that has gone beyond simply scoring goals. Betting and football are now synonymous and even the most casual gamblers prefer to dabble in this sport over many others. 

  1. Horse Racing

Commonly referred to as the sport of kings, this sport continues to gain traction in the world of betting. In fact, there’s an enormous market for horse betting, especially when the peak season kicks in and the world plays host to events such as the Royals Ascot, Kentucky Derby, and the Grand National (to name but a few).

Horse racing is appreciated for its diverse betting types and the fact that events take place throughout the year – so there is always something to bet on, get started with racing naps they are a good place to start if you’re new to horse racing.

  1. Boxing

Boxing is yet another fan favourite. Some would say that it’s the safest sport to bet on, mostly because there are rarely any losses. This is a game that allows bettors to bet reasonable sums of money with a low risk of being out of pocket. 

Boxing is also a game that offers bettors an assortment of opportunities when it comes to placing money in betting in markets, such as KO betting and round betting, for example. 

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  1. Tennis

Tennis is a game that also makes the cut for being favoured by punters around the world.  Each fast-paced match allows bettors to take out stakes on each set of the game – like it is a separate game. 

One unique thing about tennis is that gamblers get to place wagers on which player will lead in the next half hour during a game.

  1. Basket Ball

Basketball offers a seemingly endless number of ways in which bettors can make a wager.  This is mostly because points are scored often and throughout a game. 

What makes basketball even more exciting for bettors, however, is that each tournament is extremely unpredictable and solid odds are hard to come by.  This, of course, makes it a risky sport, but a thrilling one at that. 

And there you have it, folks! Now you know where you should be placing your bets! 

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