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Poker Is A Wonderful Sport

Poker is fascinating to me for many different reasons. We know that poker brings about great opportunities to use our brains and have fun. The reason why I’m a proponent of poker and innovations such as situs judi online is because we get to focus on strategy. Strategy in a more intriguing and more wholesome way. See, poker is a bit different to Chess where it seems that you must be cerebral in a different manner. But with poker, you can use your brain and your gut, as well as some psychology to throw off your opponents.

But why did I get into poker and why should you get into poker?

Let’s find out.

The Movies Drew Me In

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Remember that in addition to sports, I’m a movie buff and fanatic. I appreciate a great movie with compelling acting and a spectacular storyline. That’s why I was entranced when I first saw Ocean’s Eleven. It has all my favorite elements in it, it is a heist movie, it has brains figuring out a particular puzzle and people in it are doing epic things. What is not to love? While the characters in the film are robbing the place the overall setting and the classiness drew me into learning more about the different types of activities in the spot.

Movies such as Rounders or The Sting or even Lock Stock and Smoking Barrels also have a little bit of the value, that poker soul that so many people crave.

I think what I liked most about these different films and the genre of poker is that it brings about a sense of joy through anticipating and competition. It is not just a game that revolves around luck, it revolves around grit and the ability to outmaneuver your opponents.

That’s what gives it great value.

You can have a bad hand but if you know what you are doing and can bluff, you can still come out on top.

How great is that?

Poker replicates life in that it can be what you make it but there’s still a cost to every action you take in the game.

Follow The Money

Don’t get me started on the money aspect of poker. The game is fun in and of itself but you can also earn a good portion by improving your skill level. I know a couple of people who hit the casino and earn about $100 in the span of three to four hours playing conservatively. That’s not bad earnings if you look at the other options that carry short-term and long-term costs like ubering or other activities where you’re not having as much fun.

Being able to place betting guidelines and other aspects according to the game that you are playing also makes poker an interesting sport for many.

One can play Texas Hold Em or other variations of poker, there’s much potential within the sport.

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