What Are The Best Betting Sites In The US?

The sports gambling market in the United States has exploded over the last decade or so. Before that time, finding a reputable place to place some money on the big games used to be a challenging task. Many websites claimed to be legitimate, but a fan could never really trust that the person on the other end would make them whole for winning wagers. 

Thankfully for gambling enthusiasts, the landscape has completely changed. Thanks to the legalization of sports betting in the United States in recent years, there are a lot of above-board places to go to invest money in sporting events. The best betting sites at AmericanGambler.com are recommended place to start considering the traction they have earned in the industry. 

Let’s break down some premier options to place wagers on various sports and athletes.

BetMGM Sports

One of the most attractive sportsbook options for fans is BetMGM. The platform allows fans to have a little fun when they first join it. A risk-free $1,000 bet is provided if fans use the promo code “AMERICANGAMBLER.” 

They’ve also got an exciting sweetener for those who like to make more complicated wagers. If fans lock in a parlay with a minimum of four events and a maximum of seven, they receive a 40% boost in profits if that bet comes to fruition. These are often pretty stressful ways to wager, so it is nice to have a bonus waiting at the end if they do come true. 

Caesars Sportsbook

There are a lot of amusing promotional advertisements that Caesars has created to get fans familiar with their brand. Comedian JB Smoove stars in the most memorable ones, as he is dressed in a costume reminiscent of Julius Caesar. Smoove is often cast with NFL legends Peyton and Eli Manning, who make the spots pretty enjoyable.

The brand likely hopes to see a significant return on investment in its commercials and is a good place for fans to play. Caesars has many different types of credits fans can earn that help make the experience positive. Because they are also well entrenched in the hospitality business, fans also have the unique ability to use winnings and credits directly for hotel rooms.


While they may not be in as many advertising spots as some of their competitors, BetRivers has maintained substantial credibility in the sports gambling environment. They offer a competitive minimum deposit of only $10 and process withdrawals expediently via online banking and PayPal. 

BetRivers also touts their industry’s low play-through requirements for bonuses. 


Many outlets are trying to catch up to brand-name sportsbooks that have been in the public consciousness for a long time. Perhaps no platform is more immediately recognizable by bettors than DraftKings, who, along with FanDuel, have cornered the daily fantasy sports market. 

Draftkings had a lot of momentum right before the pandemic, as it went public and was viewed as a company that could dominate the playing field given its head-start. It hasn’t worked out that way, but they are still trendy in the gambling community. 

FOXBet Sportsbook 

Because FOX is one of the major networks in the United States with the NFL package, fans have come to view anything related to the media powerhouse as trustworthy and reliable. This confidence also translates into FOX’s introduction into the betting world with their FOXBet offering.

Fans can wager on the most improved NFL teams via this platform, and there are several ways to get into the action. It is nearly impossible to watch a game on FOX without seeing an advertisement giving fans the chance to win Terry Bradshaw’s money, which is a gateway to playing other games on the app. 

Please remember to gamble responsibly.

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