What Are the Differences Between Casino Games and Sports Gambling?


Those who are new to gambling often get confused. After all, sports betting and casino games like poker and blackjack are all referred to as gambling, yet the games are vastly different. Let’s look at the facts and see what they have in common.

Legal sports betting and online casino gambling have exploded in recent years after several US states chose to legalize it. And with millions and millions of dollars pouring into the industry, and more thrilling options becoming available to players every day, now might be a good time to assess the different types of gambling: Sports betting and casino games.

Similar attitudes required

One thing that ties sports betting and skill-based casino games together is, for the most part, the attitude required to master them. You need to be resilient, driven, and persistent as it takes hard work to become good at both sports betting and skill-based casino games like poker. Each requires you to develop strategies, and each can be done online.

However, while you can find some of the best casino games online, sports betting can also involve attending the games you are betting on – and that is a fundamental difference: Sports betting deals with real-life sports events, whose outcome directly affects the bettors’ chances of making a profit.

The premise of the game is not the same

For gambling in a casino where table games such as poker are largely dependent on your unique skill sets and abilities, and gambling on a sports result that is dependent on someone else’s performance is not the same.

Although you can study teams, read analysis and familiarize yourself with their past performances, surprises can easily happen – all it takes is an unforeseen ‘dark horse’. The premise of sports gambling is therefore driven by predictions, whereas skills-based casino games are driven by the game’s rules, chance, and, of course, the player’s performance.

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Betting on players vs being the player

So, before you choose what type of gambling to try it’s important to be clear with yourself about what your interests are, and how much uncertainty you are willing to take. If you love a specific sport and like the idea of watching and reading about games in the big leagues like the NBA, then sports betting could be the answer. But if you prefer something more daring and strategic and prefer not to be reliant on a sports team’s performance, then poker could be a better fit.

Bonuses and free perks online

What sports gambling and casino games do have in common are the online perks. Whether we are talking about sportsbooks, poker rooms, or online casinos, new players are always able to find welcome bonuses, free bets, and lots of variety. This enables you to try out both types of gambling before you choose which one you want to pursue without breaking the bank, but it’s important to read reviews to find the best sites and make sure you are aware of the risks involved when playing for money.

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