2024 NFL Offseason: Surprising Three Things that Could Happen Next Year

The NFL offseason of 2024 may turn out to be an exciting period. Let’s take a very early look to see what might occur, even if we are still a long way from that. Teams will behave in 2024 based on how the 2023 season goes.

Teams have appeared to be moving more and more in recent years as they attempt to get an advantage in the race to prepare for a potential Super Bowl run. Recently, there have been an absurd number of player trades, especially involving elite players. Speaking of the 2023 Super Bowl, we recommend using busr.ag to bet on the super bowl wherein you stand a chance to win an impressive bonus.

I believe these three events could occur and garner widespread media attention in the NFL offseason of 2024 if they do.

#1. Arizona Cardinals earning #1 overall pick in 2024.

Even though the 2023 class hasn’t yet taken a snap, 2024 NFL mock drafts have already started to circulate. There does seem to be a chance that the underachieving Cardinals may drop enough games to secure the top choice in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Caleb Williams, who has already been compared to Patrick Mahomes, is unquestionably the best quarterback in the 2024 class. With a new coaching staff in place, may the Cardinals decide to trade Kyler Murray, who is recovering from an ACL tear, to start over at quarterback?

Trading Murray after June 1st would reportedly save the Cardinals a stunning $38.8 million against their cap, according to overthecap.com. Arizona might find it appealing to restart their QB situation and save tens of millions of dollars.

#2. Denver Broncos finally showing Russell Wilson the exit door

Although it would be a difficult financial pill to take, Denver might be able to pull it off. Sean Payton may be able to simply let Russell Wilson go and start over if he doesn’t make significant progress in his second season with the Broncos.

Denver may want to avoid making this choice because they would have to pay $35.4 million in dead money and would not save any money on their 2024 cap figure. However, if Wilson doesn’t significantly improve, why would Denver want to keep him on his current contract?

They may decide it’s best to just rip the Band-Aid off, get it over with, and flip the page.

#3. We get to see Las Vegas Raiders trade Davante Adams

During the NFL offseason of 2022, the Las Vegas Raiders acquired Davante Adams in a trade, and it felt like the ideal move. Adams met a need for them and got to play with Derek Carr, a teammate from his time in college. Well, the Raiders decided to release Carr and sign Jimmy Garoppolo in his place.

Adams has expressed his discontent with current events within the organization, and I believe Garoppolo is a much inferior quarterback than Carr.

Adams would undoubtedly not want to stay with the Raiders if their performance in the 2023 NFL season was poor, and selling Adams would allow the Raiders to save up to $17.5 million on their 2024 cap figure.

Although I believe there are a few other significant events that might occur in the NFL offseason of 2024, I believe these three would stand out the most.

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