God Save the Queen and English Football

Here at TheSportsEconomist, we’re not just sports economists but also sports fans, and therefore there was a healthy degree of rivalry between our American and English bloggers prior to last Saturday’s big World Cup game.
That being said, I really meant to post right after the match, but I dropped the ball. So, I thought I would take a moment now to congratulate our English contributors on their country’s fine performance before the opportunity slipped though my fingers. Of course, quite a few Americans still can’t quite grasp the importance of the World Cup, so they fumbled the opportunity to watch a great game. I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the tournament and that you can catch the rest of the games.

6 thoughts on “God Save the Queen and English Football”

  1. Well, England could use someone in net who is better able to get their hands on the ball. I wonder if Diego Maradona is available?

  2. As the author of a book entitled “why england lose” (grammatically correct in british english), I’m not sure I have much to add here. Having. Lost 1-0 to the usa in the 1950 world cup, I am keenly looking forward to a convincing 1-0 win in 2070 when I will have reached the grand old age of 110.I expect by that time the usa will have won the world baseball classic. Well played fellas.

  3. Yes, indeedy. Since I “still can’t quite grasp the importance of the World Cup,” I had a fine Saturday afternoon attending a pro cycling race in Arlington, Virginia. Got to see actual athletes going real fast, and there was a winner – an Aussie, of all things. Plus, no plastic horns.

  4. Interesting to read some of the comments..to Carlos, who thinks “cyclists” are actual athletes and football (soccer) players not..you are seriously incorrect! You could take any number of world class footballers and make championship cyclists out of them…I doubt there is even one Second division footballer performing on the cycling tours.
    …and Victor! Maradona is much better knocking balls into goal with his hands than out. The game was only interesting because of the Green “howler.” The rest fit neatly into a 15 second highlight on the evening news.

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