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World Cup Betting In Qatar

The world’s biggest sporting event in 2022, the World Cup, will begin in Qatar.  In addition to being a viral

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Soccer World Cup

Baltimore’s World Cup Chances

Last summer, 72,000 fans packed M and T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to watch a “friendly” between Chelsea and AC

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Economic Impact mega-events Olympics World Cup

Mega Event Legacy Update: Athens Edition

I have been watching quite a bit of World Cup coverage, and the announcers seem to have gone out of

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MRP NFL; salaries Soccer World Cup

Inter Milan 3 Manchester City 0

I attended the Inter Milan-Manchester City “friendly” last night at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Here is an article describing

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FIFA General mega-events World Cup

“Give the World Cup bid a red card”

That’s the title of co-blogger Dennis Coates’ piece in today’s LA Times.  Dennis may be too proud to call attention

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Economic Impact World Cup

The US Wants a World Cup of Its Own, But at What Cost?

Tomorrow the United States kicks off its World Cup 2010 competition against England. The excitement of this year’s event may

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strategy World Cup

IRB Rugby World Cup Statistics

The International Rugby Board (IRB) report on the analysis of match statistics from the 2011 World Cup was released recently

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European football Soccer World Cup

Make or Buy?

Barcelona or Real Madrid?  Barcelona makes them.  Real Madrid buys them.  It’s a matter of degree of course, but I

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FIFA General World Cup

Qatar and/or Bust

Today FIFA announced that the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, while the 2022 version will be held

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Soccer World Cup

Including the World in the World Cup

Chuck Blazer, an American and North America’s representive to the FIFA executive committee has blasted the committee’s decision to not

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FIFA Soccer World Cup

Not a Good Performance Evaluation

The AP headline is:  “US soccer pres: We failed to meet expectations.”  There’s not much else in the story, apart

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FIFA mega-events World Cup

World Cup finances & knock-on effects

This BBC story has a number of figures on the costs and revenues of staging this year’s World Cup in

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