Wake Me Up When We Play Algeria

2-2 vs. Slovenia, and whew!  That was the most thrilling tie in American history.  We’re still alive!!

As for the commentary, Ian Darke’s performance in the booth validated ESPN’s decision to shake up their roster of announcers for the World Cup. But they need to do something similar with the post-game crew.  I could do with less Lalas & Tirico, and more of the brilliant Roberto Martinez, please.  English is the Spaniard’s second (or perhaps third) language, and his eloquent analysis makes the usual crew look like schoolboys.  Hiring Martinez was a brilliant stroke.  For online play-by-play, Georgina Turner is fantastic.

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7 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When We Play Algeria”

  1. The 0-0 makes a US win against Algeria definitive, so hooray for that! And a draw-draw secnario in the last 2 group games likely puts the US through, unless England and Slovenia draw 3-3 or 4-4 or something crazy like that. 0-0 was a huge result for the US.

    Now back to hibernating until Wednesday…

  2. The key is beating Algeria..then England and Slovenia cut one another’s throat and the final spot is left to one of them.
    The real gem in the broadcasts is Ruud Gulit..a great player in the day when the Netherlands had the talent to win a Cup..2006..2002..He is typical Dutch..forthright and very astute in his observations. it takes a great deal to impress a man with his credentials.
    Lalas is a homer of typical proportions..he built a VERY mediocre talent into a media bonanza.
    Mike Tirico..of course..knowns only what Lalas and someone else tell him.
    Also..and you’ll hear none of this from Harkes et al…Bradley has done a VERY poor job in general managing this team and putting players in their most productive positions. He FINALLY made some changes in the 2nd half of the Slovenia game when his back was up against the wall…..and his job.

  3. Gullit too, is both very good and refreshing. But as you point out he’s got superstar status and is thus a more conventional pick. Remember the days of Giorgio Chinaglia on ABC? Foreign superstar with US connections, but not so entertaining. They are picking better commentators these days.

  4. I really can’t stand Mr. Former People Magazine 5o most beautiful people himself, John Harkes. Harkes probably is the most annoying commentator, and I’m thankful the Vuvuzela’s are around to drown out his voice. Especially when he kept noting how “lucky” Slovenia’s keeper was when he was making fine saves. I’m sure Harkes still thinks Dempsey’s goal was a perfect placed shot that should always go in. :-p

  5. Actually, you want to be woken up after the Algeria game, if their two matches so far are anything to go by. I’d put my money on another 0-0 draw involving them…

    I’m still expecting England to do the business against Slovenia, but if Germany finish second in their group, you chaps are welcome to first place in our group!

    Except that means England’s remaining matches will all be at 3pm – so much for work productivity…

  6. I hope you managed to stay awake until the 91st minute of the US-Algeria game. What an amazing finish and with that goal, the US wins group C. Hopefully you are paying attention now for the US-Ghana match – in the Knock-out phase it often comes down to penalty kicks and I like the US chances given how good our goal keeper is. Should be an interesting few weeks.

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