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Cowboys Stadium Financing

This story from the Dallas Morning News has some good details on the public/private contributions to paying off the bonds

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European football Soccer Stadium Subsidies

Portugal’s Hangover

Portugal hosted Euro 2004, a fantastic tournament with a surprise winner in Greece. But as the financial crisis unfolds, some

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MLB sports and the economy

Signs of Life in the Sports Economy

Spring training in Florida set an attendance record — of sorts — in 2010: From March 2nd through April 3rd,

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sports and the economy Stadiums

Muni Bond Watch Turns to Sports Facilities

In recent years a handful of top-level teams have gone through or flirted with bankruptcy.  This is a global phenomenon,

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NASCAR NCAA sports sports and the economy

Deals, Deals, Deals

The University of Colorado will join Nebraska and Utah as members of the Pac-10 in 2011 after negotiating a $6.863

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NBA player development Soccer

How We Develop Basketball Talent

Today’s WSJ has a review of the book, Play Their Hearts Out, by SI reporter George Dohrman.  The book examines

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college sports NCAA

Student Demand for College Sports

Funding has dried up for a lot of things in the Great Recession, including college sports programs. At Cal State

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Economic Impact

Dallas TV Reporter Examines the Numbers on Economic Impact

Economists can write papers which illustrate the lack of economic impact from major sports until we’re blue in the face. 

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The IMF Surveys the Impact of Mega-Events

The latest issue of the IMF’s journal, Finance and Development, has a number of essays on the impact of hosting

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stadium renovations Stadium Subsidies The Stadium Game

Stadium Debt

Stadium debt, in some cases, hangs around a lot longer than the teams that once played in them. From the

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FIFA General mega-events World Cup

“Give the World Cup bid a red card”

That’s the title of co-blogger Dennis Coates’ piece in today’s LA Times.  Dennis may be too proud to call attention

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Stadium Subsidies Stadiums

“As Stadiums Vanish, Their Debt Lives On”

Ken Belson digs into the financial legacy of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in today’s New York Times.  In short, it’s

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