How Archery Has Become A Great Sport To Try

Traditionally, the practice of using bows and arrows was primarily for hunting and warfare. During the late Paleolithic period, early Egyptians used arrowheads made from metal, stone, and other hard materials, and bows from a single piece of wood and antler. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you can now buy several archery gears made from different materials.

Archery is one of the oldest sports in the world as its revolution dates back to the history of mankind. But aside from being an old sport with a very rich history, archery has become a great sport to try. Here’s how:

1. Affordable

You need to invest in the right sporting gear to ensure efficiency and safety when playing sports. This notion remains true in archery, but the main difference is that this sport doesn’t require you to spend a lot, especially when you’re still a newbie.

When you check reliable archery websites such as TheBowGuy, you’ll know what gears are necessary before you can start playing archery. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank just to use all of these – there are actually several archery communities that allow you to buy second-hand gears.

These communities can make your life easier as a budding archer as you won’t have to spend a lot of time scouting for cheap gears. Buying secondhand items are also ideal for individuals who don’t want to invest in expensive gears yet until they are accustomed to the sport.

2. Lifetime Sport

Archery isn’t the only sport in the world. You can actually find a handful of other sports in different parts of the globe. However, archery is a great sport to try because it’s something that you can practice throughout your life.

There are programs that teach eight-year-old children to play archery. And if you look at the status quo, you can also find seniors in their 70s and 80s who are still competing in archery. So if you want to invest in a sport that can be played well into your old age, archery is an excellent option!

3. Boosts Your Social Circle

Creating and maintaining friendships is crucial for your mental health. These relationships can reduce stress, increase your sense of purpose, and help you cope with traumas. You can experience all of these when you try out archery.

Regardless if you want to try out archery as a mere recreational activity or eventually compete in tournaments, this sport is a great avenue for you to meet new friends. You can make friends with people when you’re still practicing in archery ranges and meet new players when you’re competing locally or globally.

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4. Improves Survival Skills

Disaster can strike anywhere, and being unprepared during these situations can put your life on the line. Being trapped in the middle of the forest, for example, can make you prey to wild animals. This situation can cause extreme hunger, which can eventually lead to death.

Learning archery can increase your chances of surviving in these tough situations. Aside from being a great hobby and sport, archery can actually improve your survival skills in the following ways:

  • Weapon: Knowing how to improvise and use a bow and arrow can become your immediate weapon. Sharp arrowheads can kill and shoo away wild animals, keeping you safe while you’re outdoors.
  • Hunt food: You can live like your ancestors and use your bow and arrow to hunt for food if you’re accustomed to archery. When you’re trapped in the woods, you can use your archery skills to hunt and shoot food.

You’ll have the endurance to survive any difficult situations if your stomach is full. This can also keep your body strong and ward off any illnesses and diseases.

5. Builds Character

All of the things you’ll learn in archery can be applied in real life. In fact, these skills can contribute to your personal development and growth.

When trying out archery, expect that there will be bad and good days. The unpredictability of this sport can teach you a lot about winning with humility and losing with grace. When scoring during a tournament, archery also demands honesty as you’ll have to be honest when submitting your scorecard.

Archery will also require patience as you’ll have to practice countless times in order to learn and master the sport.

Start Now

The idea of shooting arrows using a bow can be intimidating for some. Aside from developing the necessary skills, you also have to make sure that you’re using gears apt to your skills.

Fortunately, starting archery doesn’t have to be challenging because there are different ways for you to learn the ropes. You just need to choose a strategy that matches your schedule and skills and exert a lot of time and effort to practice.

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