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March madne$$

USA Today's Steve Wieberg and Jodi Upton examine the contracts of coaches in last year's NCAA tournament. The quick summary: win and cash in.

The coaches of six of the tournament's Elite Eight teams a year ago parlayed their success into new deals for this season. They'd have gone 7-for-8, but Billy Donovan of national champion Florida chose to postpone a discussed extension.

Their raises were substantial. At the five schools where raises are public — George Mason, LSU, Memphis, Texas and UCLA — the coaches got a collective bump of about $1.7 million, or about $332,000 each when they extended their contracts. With those new agreements, and others, at least 20 of last year's 65 tournament coaches are making $1 million or more this season...

In the same paper, Tom Weir examines the results at not-so-mad Vanderbilt, where the Athletic Department was disbanded four years ago. An operations director for each of the revenue producing sports now reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for University Affairs. The disaster some might have forecast has not materialized. Performance of Vanderbilt athletes has improved both on the field and in the classroom.