NFL rules strategy

The First Two Data Points Say “…mmm, I’m Not Sure Yet”

The new NFL overtime rule, see page 111 (introduced last season for playoff games only) finally became binding in the current playoff series two

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cricket rules

Increasing Rationality in the Referral System?

Further to Brad’s earlier post, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup in the subcontinent is nearing its zenith. Today’s semi-final

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Australian Football League demand for football rules season length

One More Time…

Last Saturday saw the Grand Final of the Australian Football League between St.Kilda and Collingwood finish in a 68-68 draw

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rules salaries salary cap

Melbourne Storm Stripped of Two Premierships, Fined $1.6m for Cheating National Rugby League Salary Cap

Integrity. Sport is based upon the principle of a fair contest. A fair contest requires two players or teams to

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