Ben Burd

Ben is a sports writer based in Miami with a passion for analytics.
horse racing

A Few Tips for Preparing Your Horse for Race Day

Speed carries the day any time we talk about horse racing. However, you will agree that there is nothing more

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horse racing

7 Tips For Preparing Your Horse For Race Day

Several factors are required for a racer to emerge victorious in horse racing. One of these crucial factors is preparation.

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golf Sports Economics

Where to Play Disc Golf in Philadelphia

Disc golf is a growing sport that has been around since the 70's. Since the 70's there has been a

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game theory

How Does Game Programming Work?

Game programming is an incredibly nuanced field of study. If you’re looking at a variety of games, chances are they

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Sports Betting

A Few Things Know About NY Online Sports Betting Launch

Sports betting is on its way to New York. The Empire State has a huge population, and its proximity to

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Moving to Alberta? What to Expect from the Province's Economy in 2022

Whether you're considering getting into real estate or you want to change things up with your investments, the economy in

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horse racing

What a Racehorse Eats and Drinks

When you head over to a horse race and see the best racers in the sport storm around the track,

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Who Are the Highest Paid Players in The NFL And What Have They Achieved?

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most lucrative sports leagues in the world, so it is no

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How to Dress on a Golf Field

Many people may believe that because golf is a sport, you can wear just a t-shirt and shorts; however, a

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The Cities Behind the Biggest Sporting Events in the US

Sporting events are one of the fastest ways to make a community gather in one place as one unit.  Although

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Sports Economics

Software Allows Sportsbook Entrepreneurs to Run Businesses from Their Homes

Not all home businesses are the same. Some require education.  Others require funding. Some successful home businesses need a complete

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Sports Betting Grew Immensely During the Pandemic and is Showing No Signs of Stopping

If you are a fan of sports, chances are that you have tried, or at least heard about sports betting.

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