Liam Lenten

Liam Lenten is a Senior Lecturer in the School Economics at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Liam’s current research agenda is wide-ranging in the discipline, spanning from forecasting models to sports economics. Liam has held recent visiting positions at MIT and University of Michigan, and has previously published about 20 articles in peer-refereed journals.

    Forget ‘Fab Four’, Men’s Tennis Still More Competitive

    As the Australian Open approaches the business end, this year’s instalment has developed a palpable sense of familiarity of recent

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    strategy World Cup

    IRB Rugby World Cup Statistics

    The International Rugby Board (IRB) report on the analysis of match statistics from the 2011 World Cup was released recently

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    FIFA incetives Soccer strategy

    Brazil Bleg

    Bitter football enemies Argentina and Brazil (combined 7-time World Champions) square-off yet again in a friendly next Wednesday.  The match

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    cricket salaries

    Indian Premier League Spend/thrift

    The 2011 Indian Premier League cricketer auction took place on the weekend. This event is a fascinating economic exercise on so

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    NFL rules strategy

    The First Two Data Points Say “…mmm, I’m Not Sure Yet”

    The new NFL overtime rule, see page 111 (introduced last season for playoff games only) finally became binding in the current playoff series two

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    Competitive Balance NFL

    NFL Even MORE Competitively Balanced (Yet Again)

    Further to an earlier post one year ago to the day, the same result occurred upon conclusion of the 2011 NFL season as

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    cricket rules

    Increasing Rationality in the Referral System?

    Further to Brad’s earlier post, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup in the subcontinent is nearing its zenith. Today’s semi-final

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    FIFA Soccer World Cup

    Superb World Cup ‘Selection Bias’ Example

    For all those economics professors and tutors out there who struggle to explain the crucial concept of ‘selection bias’, a

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    fifa; soccer incetives World Cup

    If not for Iniesta…

    With the dust settling on the World Cup Final last Sunday, we are still debating various aspects of the game

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    expansion World Cup

    Optimal Size of the Rugby World Cup

    The 2011 Rugby World Cup has now progressed past the Pool Stage, with the Quarter-Finals to be played this coming weekend. Hosts New

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    Competitive Balance NFL

    NFL Scheduling and Competitive Balance

    In this paper (now forthcoming, JSE: doi: 10.1177/1527002512471538), it was shown that for every single year after the expansion to

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    incetives Soccer

    Tension between Winning and Costs: Brazil Edition

    The UEFA European Football (Soccer) Championship kicks-offs tonight…but those who claim that this tournament is tougher to win than the

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